Wars between nations
Leave behind graves
And traumatised patients,
Who suffer cycles of abuse
That go on for generations.
The powers that be never see
Or feel, the jack boot
Or the crushing heel,
Or the torture conducted
Behind bars of steel,
As mothers and their children pay
The price,
In blood and grief,
With every slice of the knives
That carve their nations
And their lives,
While they pray
And they fight back,
Rise up,
Or fall
And kneel
Weeping and pleading
For someone to send
An end.
A friend.
A response to their prayers
For Peace.
For strength.
So they can hold onto hope
And somehow stay alive,
Somehow cope.
And thus live another day
In the hope of their own release,
Maybe even live to see
Our collective final release,
From war.
From greed.
From the insatiable insanity
Of more, and more and more.
Of the day
We heal
Each other,
And unite,
For the sake of all children
And their Mothers,
As we collectively rise up
And stand,
In every land,
To establish

© Mary-Ellen – 2nd October 2022

Written in response to wondering if and when we will see an end to the seemingly endless, ongoing wars, including the escalation of the Class War and the wars of Racism and Disablism, and the war in Ukraine, as well as all the other ongoing wars and War Crimes too. Wondering when we will see an end to all the Crimes Against Humanity which have become so normalised, along with all the other unspeakable atrocities taking place seemingly everywhere, even right here in the UK, one of the world’s richest and most powerful nations. Wondering if and when we will ever end, not just the wars, but the Human Rights Violations and Oppression too, including in Palestine, Iran, Saudi, Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, Yemen, Kashmir, Tibet, India, Brazil, etc., etc.

It was also written as a result of hearing of countless stories such as this, of the triumph of the human spirit and our indomitable survival instinct, in the face of the senseless, state dictated, torture and inhumanity. Stories like this news story, about the release of a Ukrainian Prisoner Of War, Marine Mykhailo Dianov, who, like many others, was tortured and starved by his Russian captors and somehow survived:


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